Resilience – The Fibre That Connects Us Catalogue

Catalogue of Artworks in our 2024 Exhibition

Teri Berry

Exhibit #: 1

Title: Coming Home

I moved to New Zealand just over three years ago when my Kiwi partner was offered his dream job in Auckland. Initially, I had mixed feelings about moving halfway around the world, but I knew I had found my home when I discovered the amazing Auckland Felters. As Gemma so succinctly put it, I had “found my tribe.”

This gilet is a homage to my new home and the beautiful friends I’ve made here.

The spiral on the back represents our constant growth and evolution as we journey through life.

Price : NFS

Materials: Wet felted Merino wool, hand dyed silk hankies and silk chiffon

Teri Berry

Exhibit #: 2

Title: Oceans Apart

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted everyone, but its severity was unevenly distributed.

My most vivid memory from 2020 is from the first UK lockdown, when I delivered a food parcel to my neighbour whose husband had died the day before, after catching COVID in hospital. We stood in her front garden, tears streaming down our faces, unable to hug; the most basic of human comfort.

This felted sculpture reflects that loss of control, floating on a flimsy raft in a sea of anxiety that threatened to drown us all.

Price: $1,330 inc GST

Materials: Wet felted wools, silk, woven plant materials and glass

Julie Dowland

Exhibit #: 3

Title: Elegance

My inspiration comes from many sources, but the natural world predominates. This scarf was inspired by a visit to the snow.

Price: $175 inc GST

Materials: silk, Merino wool, cotton

Julie Dowland

Exhibit #: 4

Title: Fishy Fish

Dive into the world of “Fishy Fish”, where wet-felted wool transforms into delightful aquatic creatures.

This fish brings a splash of colour and charm and invites viewers to embrace the magic of turning wool into art.

Price: $75 inc GST

Materials: Merino wool

Lynn Hefkey

Exhibit #: 5

Title: Wrapped in Locks

Luxurious natural curly locks caught my eye, inspiring their use in both fashion and art.

With countless breeds of sheep in New Zealand boasting glorious curls and colours ranging from soft to coarse, the possibilities are endless for their versatile application in various creative endeavours.

Price: NFS

Materials: Gotland Locks wet felted on Merino

Lynn Hefkey

Exhibit #: 6

Title: Tryptic Wall Curls

Inspired by the beauty of natural curly locks, this artwork embodies my exploration of texture, form, and colour.

Each piece in this triptych showcases the diverse range of sheep breeds found in New Zealand. From soft, flowing curls to more rugged textures, these artworks celebrate the endless possibilities of using wool in both fashion and art. 

Price: $530 inc GST

Materials: Gotland and Valais Locks wet felted on Merino

Margaret Joppa

Exhibit #: 7

Title: Ode To Kusama 

Yayoi Kusama embodies resilience, having endured and overcome abuse, racism, sexism, and the theft of her ideas by male artists, to become the world’s top-selling female artist. This piece pays tribute to her hallucinations, featuring “dense fields of dots.”

Her art became her escape, and I identify with that. See if this fabric pulls you in, engulfs you, and obliterates you.

Price: $ 595 inc GST

Materials: Wet felted wool

Margaret Joppa

Exhibit #: 8

Title: Realitree

This felt piece represents my personal growth, created during a period of self-reflection. The overgrown grass and hazy sky draw your focus to the multiple purple branches. Finding your purpose is a process that evolves over time.

Price: $430 inc GST

Materials: Wet felted wool

Sarah Ritchie

Exhibit #: 9

Title: Blowin’ in the Wind

The dandelion symbolises strength in the face of challenges. Like the delicate dandelion, human resilience shows moments of vulnerability. However, this vulnerability, like the dandelion seeds dispersing in the wind, carries the power to regenerate and grow anew. 

Price: $1,500 incl. GST. Includes framing (white box frame, white mat board, Ultra Vue glass)

Materials: Needle-felted wool fibre, silk, bamboo and cotton

Sarah Ritchie

Exhibit #: 10

Title: Sheep on a Thousand Hills 1

‘Sheep on a Thousand Hills 1’ celebrates the resilience of New Zealand wool and honours wool’s integral importance in our rural Aotearoa landscape.

Wool’s biodegradable, eco-friendly and renewable properties embody sustainability and reflect my commitment to responsible artistry.

Price: $1,100 inc GST. Includes framing (white box frame, white mat board, Ultra Vue glass)

Materials: Needle-felted wool fibre, silk, bamboo and cotton

Christine Roxburgh

Exhibit #: 11

Title: Taking Care of the Edges

Living in Auckland, a coastline is never far away. The interface where land meets sea is both inspiring and vulnerable – a delicate edge that is constantly changing. Plant species that thrive there, strengthen and shield this zone.

Earthy green felt strips are woven together to meet ocean blue ones, blurring and merging to mirror the fragile balance we must protect.

Price: NFS

Materials: merino wool, 100% hand felted

Christine Roxburgh

Exhibit #: 12

Title: A Drop in the Ocean

Living near the beach and watching the waves ripple is a meditative delight that inspires me.

The undulating pattern symbolizes life’s ebb and flow, mirroring resilience—the ability to adapt, heal, and persist. Just as water rebounds from every obstacle, so can we.

Price: NFS

Materials: Merino, Romney and Polwarth wools, layered, felted and stitched

Jaq Spirret

Exhibit #: 13

Title: Life’s Circles

In this piece, I delve into the themes of individuality and interconnectedness within the human experience.

The overlapping circles, each with its distinct colour, symbolise the diversity of human beings and the intricate web of relationships that connect us. Set in a regular arrangement, the circles convey a sense of unity and harmony amidst this diversity.

Just as the felting process merges individual wool fibres into a cohesive whole, our lives intersect to weave a shared tapestry of experiences, perspectives, talents, and stories.

Price: NFS

Materials: Wet-felted wool and Flax

Angela Stanfield

Exhibit #: 14

Title: The Fabric of Nature

Lifestyle blocks often keep sheep to manage grass, but their fleece isn’t needed when they’re shorn. This fleece is gathered, washed, and used in many creations like this one. Even the ‘unusable’ parts are used in the garden, creating excellent compost and aiding water retention.

Working sustainably gives nature the resilience it needs to keep thriving.

Price: $350 inc GST

Materials: Wet-felted wool

Angela Stanfield

Exhibit #: 15

Title: We’re All Connected by What We Say

Resilience is the theme of this exhibition and what we say to each other can build or erode our resilience in life, how we deal with life, and how we bounce back from the hard times. What we say to one person connects us all in the way we respond and talk to others.

Price: $350 inc GST

Materials: wet-felted wool